Getting Started, How-To Guide, and FAQ.

Download, Install, and Register

1. Follow the instructions on the App Store to download and install BlueJay:

Download BlueJay
2. Once installed, follow the in-app instructions to Register.
3. Enter your email, create a username, and choose a password.
4. Hit Register again – you’re now ready to use BlueJay!

Start a Session

1. First, make sure your music is loaded on your phone. Currently we support mp3 and m4a music files, but we’re working to broaden the music sources you can use.
2. To start a Session, head to the My Sessions screen.
3. Enter a Session name and hit Create Session. Give your Session a theme – remember this is what people see before joining your Session.
4. The app will then show you the available music files on your phone. Select some of these songs to add to your Playlist.
5. When you’re happy with your selection, hit Start Session. Remember, you can always add more songs later.
6. You have now started a Session!

All of your Followers will be automatically notified about your Session, but to invite people directly, see Share BlueJay below.

Your Playlist

1. As Host, you can skip any currently playing song by hitting the Skip Song icon in the control panel on the Playlist screen.

Playlist Restrictions

As the Host we’d like you to be able to play whatever song you want, whenever you want in your Session, but due to our current licencing agreement there’s a few small rules we have to impose.

1. You can only play 4 songs from a specific artist in a Session (and only 3 in a row).
2. You can only play 3 songs from a specific album in a Session (and only 2 in a row).
3. You cannot play the same song twice in a Session.
4. You must add at least 10 songs to the Playlist to start your Session.

Apart from that, the music in your Session is up to you.

Join a Session

1. The Live screen is your HQ for all the current action on BlueJay.
2. The Discover tab shows every live public Session – perfect for exploring and finding new curators, artists, and music.
3. You can also Follow any of your favourite users and their sessions – public or private – will appear on your Home tab, which is your own personalised BlueJay feed.
4. You can browse and join any Session on these tabs at any time – just hit the play icon on the relevant Session tile.

Interact in Sessions

1. Listeners can Like or Dislike any song that is currently playing or played.
2. Like or Dislike songs by hitting the thumbs-up or thumbs-down buttons for the relevant songs on the Playlist screen.

1. Every Session has it’s own dedicated group Chat – which all Session Members can post comments on.
2. To access, hit the Chat tab in the panel at the bottom of the Session screens.

1. You can see a list of all the current Members of a Session on the Members screen.
2. To access, hit the Members tab in the panel at the bottom of the Session screens.
3. You can Follow or Unfollow any user directly from the Members screen.

Share BlueJay

1. Both the Host and the Listeners can share what they are up to on BlueJay through their favourite social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, SMS, etc.
2. Just hit the Share icon on the Playlist screen – select your preferred app – and send the automatic message to your contacts/network which includes information on the Session, Host, and current song. You can also make changes to your message before sending.

Leave a Session/End a Session

1. As the Host you can end your Session at any point by hitting the Exit Session icon on the Playlist screen.
2. Spare a thought for your Listeners however as they may be enjoying the music.

1. Listeners are able to leave a Session at any point by hitting Exit Session on the Playlist screen.
2. You can re-join a live Sessions at any point.

Follow Users

Manage your Connections at any point on the Connections screen.

1. The Following tab is a list of all the users you are Following.
2. Follow users by searching for them on any screen in the app and hitting the Follow button in the search results.
3. Unfollow anyone on your Following list by hitting the Unfollow button on the right of the user tile on the Following screen.

1. The Followers tab is a list of all the users who are following you.
2. You can Follow or Unfollow any of your Followers by hitting the relevant button on the right of their tile.
3. You can also remove an of your followers by hitting the trash icon on the right of their tile.

Your Favourites

1. As a Listener, you can add any song to your list of Favourites directly on the Playlist screen by hitting the Favourite icon.
2. The song will then be added to your favourites list on the Favourites screen.
3. You are not able to listen to the song again on BlueJay, but it is a good way to make a note of songs you hear and like for later.
4. We are currently developing relationships with major partners to make it quick and simple to buy or stream songs in your favourites list on-demand through partners.
5. You can remove any song from your favourites list by hitting the trash icon next to the relevant song on the Favourites screen.

Your Dashboards

1. Your Session Dashboards are a visual summary of each of your Sessions – showing the number of Listeners, Likes, Dislikes, and Chat comments across all of the songs in your Session. They are a very useful way for curators, artists, and Hosts in general to see how successful each of their songs or their sessions as a whole were.
2. You can find your Session Dashboards on the My Sessions screen.

Your Profile

1. You can update/complete your Profile at any point on the Profile screen – including adding a profile pic to help your listeners recognise you.
2. You can upload a background pic, which becomes the Session artwork seen on all of your Sessions on the Live screen.
3. You can also set whether your Sessions are Public or Private. If your Sessions are Public they will be visible by everyone on the Discovery tab. If your Sessions are Private they will only be visible by your Followers on their Home tabs. Profiles are set to Public by default.

Artists/Music Creators

1. If you’re an artist or music creator – and own the rights to your own music – we are able to upgrade your account and allow you to play your own music without any of the regular licencing restrictions.
2. Let us know if you would like to take advantage of this by selecting the option on the Registration screen or the Profile screen, or by emailing us at
3. Following this you will receive an email from us outlining the requirements of upgrading to an Artist Account, and asking for some basic information about you or your group. This is basically so that we know you are who you say you are.
4. Once you have replied to us, and assuming there’s no issues, we will upgrade your account so that song files by you or your group are not included in the licencing restrictions.